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No really doe.

Arrest Darren Wilson


The problem of Slytherin is that JKR has significant authorial bias. She is a Gryffindor, this is a heroic epic, and Gryffindor qualities are favored because those are the qualities she values most in herself. Gryffindor actions are consistently downplayed - Sirius’s prank against Snape, the twins’ near-manslaughter of Montague, Hermione’s scarring of Marietta Edgecombe—have no long-term repercussions and aren’t treated with the weight they deserve (and in Hermione’s case, JKR has defended the action in interviews.) Meanwhile, Slytherin House is generally portrayed negatively: Gryffindor is treated like the hero House and Slytherin like the villain House, when the possibility exists that they could have been so much more. The world, after all, does not exist in terms of pure good and evil—and if the Houses are really meant to be as good and as bad as portrayed, well, there are the problems with world-building and plausibility that I’ve mentioned above.
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Protesters from across St Louis turned up and turned out for the first St Louis County Council Meeting since Mike Brown’s Death. (Part I)

The St Louis County Council wasn’t as bad as Ferguson’s Council, but still very few answers and virtually no accountability from the folks who unleashed unholy hell on the residents of Ferguson, following Brown’s murder. #staywoke #farfromover







Gotta put this on blast.
We never needed a white savior.

I hate this country.

What I learned from this video:

  • 100 million Native Americans died at the hands of white colonists
  • Instead of planting crops the colonists spent their days digging random holes in the ground looking for gold. They started starving and dug up Indian corpses to eat. They took Indian prisoners and forced them to teach the colonists how to farm
  • Native Americans had massive cities with tens of thousands of well constructed houses, intricate water canals and large merchant areas.
  • The Native Americans used soaps, deodorants and breath sweeteners while colonists never bathed or even took of their clothes
  • There was a delousing policy with the mantra Nits create Lice; nits being Native American babies, so their goal was to kill every Indian, including babies 
  • In the 1700’s 80% of the Federal Budget went towards eradicating the Native American population so they could take their developed farmland
  • Colonists leaders went town after town killing men women and children under the approval of George Washington
  • "Pursue Indians to extermination" -Thomas Jefferson
  • California governor (1849-1851): “extermination must continue to be waged until the Indian becomes extinct”

The main factor which prevented Native American extinction was the fact they were used for slave labor. The most prized Native Americans were young girls who were said to be valued for labor and lust (that one white dude in your ethnic studies class that says he’s 1/36th Cherokee?)

In modern times children were forced into Indian Boarding Schools whose goal was to “Kill the Indian in them”. It was federal policy. They were beaten if they used their native tongue, they were forced to dress and style their hair like whites 

This country was literally built on terrorism and mass murder. White people are savage terrorists.

Until, this is taught in schools everywhere- “history class” is merely a racism propaganda course.




Malcolm X: Our History Was Destroyed By Slavery 

on March 17, 1963 in Chicago.

see how little we get taught about history - I never had any idea why Malcolm X used the ‘X’. 

How come I didn’t know this

Also that crusty old white man called the named ‘gifted’. Jesus.




the united states of america is fucking horrific and repulsive and people have every right to shit talk it but leave fat people out of it and stop acting like having fat people makes the usa a bad place, when you could focus on idk literally everything else



Asexuality is not fake.

Asexuals are oppressed. 

Asexuality is real.

How can you say that sex can exist without love and not that love can exist without sex? 

Asexuality is as real and as repressed as all the other member of the LGBT community. “How can you be repressed for not liking sex?” Oh well maybe we’re only 1% of the population and maybe most people refuse to believe that they exist and maybe people who are asexual are at higher risk of being raped because stupid jerks thing that we “need to be fixed.” 

SHUT UP! We need awareness just as much as gay, bi, lesbian, pan, demi, aro, trans, queer, and everyone else who is denied their right to exist. 

We are not celibate. This is not a choice. We do not want sex. Some (not all) may even prefer death over sex! “Oh, well how do you know you don’t like it if you’ve never tried?” HAVE YOU EVER STUCK YOUR HAND IN BOILING WATER? NO? THEN HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU DON’T LIKE IT? 

And relationships involving one or more asexual person can be successful! The asexual person can let themselves have sex to please their partner, or (for some reason people tend to ignore this option!) the sexual person can choose to give up sex because they are so romantically in love with their partner. 

Asexuals need to be recognized or else we’re just gonna feel broken and we shouldn’t have to because




This is the kind of thing that makes me dislike the FCKH8 group— whoever runs their Facebook is a fucking bag of dicks. I’ve run into them more than once, and they have an awful tendency to shit all over anyone that they don’t identify with, and anyone that isn’t atheist. They’ve done some good, but they have done a heck of a lot of harm to others because they don’t know how to be respectful and inclusive.


this was one of those episodes that I just wanted to draw everything from


anyone ever consider the fact that queer, trans, and poc on tumblr are so angry because this is the one place we can vent without being

you know




"Elmo is with his good friend, Lupita. They are talking about all the great things about their skin. For example, Elmo’s skin just happens to be very ticklish. Lupita’s skin happens to be a beautiful brown color. Skin can come in all different shades and colors. Isn’t skin just the best? However, ticklish or smooth or black or brown or white or tan, be sure to love the skin you are in." 

I love this. I LOVE THIS. I love this. Children need to see this. Adults need to see this.

i am so happy rn





LOL man.

never forget white people did nothing first neither the best, they sleep and eat false propaganda,

Ugh, why the shit does that have to turn into a race thing? Why does EVERYTHING have to turn into a race thing?

because white people have made sure that everything is about race

as proved by the fact that when you say explorer, you think of a bunch of white guys walking the world and discovering it ~exotic wonders~ even though Zheng He travelled through Asia, to the Middle East, and even East Africa. But you’d likely never heard of him before.

Same reason you never heard of Ahmad Ibn Fadlan, an Arab traveller who, as early as the 10th century, went to the Volga area for diplomatic reasons. He wrote about it, much as Marco Polo would do later for his own travels, and is one of our sources on what viking were like (and by all accounts, he wrote about them more accurately than western scholars of the same period did)

Oh, or Ibn Battuta who travelled throughout Africa long before europeans did, and even went to Europe himself.

And that’s just some example of Muslim medieval travel writers

Everything is about race because white people keep telling everyone that their race is the only one who every got anything done.

*rips off shirt* I LOVE THE LET’S BUILD TEAM

*kicks over a trashcan* I LOVE LINDSAY

*flips a table* FUKC  YEAAAAHHH






i got angry and made a thing.


As a cashier who deals with this shit every day, it’s nice to see that some people actually care about us.

I had no idea about the speed score thing :O

But if I can add on about being a cashier for a Pharmacy:

1) We’re required to have your name and birthday every time you come up. Don’t roll your eyes and expect us to remember you

2) Don’t mumble your name and birthday. It might be obvious to you, but it’s our first time hearing it so please speak clearly

3) The computers we use at the cash register are very basic and only tell us what prescription you’re getting. If you want to know your insurance info or change your info, you have to go down to the other end

4) When you’re dropping off your prescription, STAY. THERE.

There’s a LOT of information we have to go through, including your insurance, and we don’t want you yelling at us later when you come to pick it up and it turns out your insurance didn’t cover it and we couldn’t tell you because you were gone

5) Just please be patient with us.

Adding a couple of things that can apply to all cashiers and one thing that applies strictly to the grocery store i work at:

  1. My store requires a driver’s license for purchase of tobacco. We don’t type in the birthday, we scan the barcode on the back with the handscanners at our registers. I know you’re older than 18. Even if you’re gray haired, wrinkly, and missing more than a few teeth, I fucking know that you are of age to buy your disgusting tobacco products. That doesn’t change the fact that in order for me to sell them to you I need your ID. It’s not me that needs it, it’s the fucking register. Without it, the purchase cannot be made. So please don’t be a fucking bitch and slam your ID down in front of me, mumble under your breath about me, or tell me to forget it, that you’ll just go to the tobacco store instead. I don’t care if you get them here or in another fucking state. Either give me your ID or go somewhere else. 
  2. For the love of all that’s holy in the world, please, if you are in line checking out get off of your god damn cell phone. Not only is it rude as fuck to be on your phone while the cashier scans your items, but unless you tell us that you want something bagged a certain way or that you didn’t want this product after all, or wait, you have a certain coupon that you have to dig out of your purse, we will just scan your items and wait patiently for you to pay. It is not our fault if you are too distracted by a phone call to pay attention to your groceries being rung up. You have no idea how much it irks me to be waiting on a customer and have them not speak to me at all throughout the entire transaction. I am required to say, “Hi how are you, did you find everything okay?” but I would say it anyway because I’m polite, but you could at least answer me with a “great thanks” or, I don’t know, hang up the phone (except in cases of emergency, but even then why would you be at a grocery store?)
  3. If you drop something and break it, don’t leave it in the floor for another customer or employee to slip on or find. Come find one of us and let us know that there’s a mess that needs cleaning. 
  4. If you decide you don’t want something midway through your shopping, if you can remember what aisle you found the product, for the love of God please go put it back. You have no idea how much time it takes out of our shift to put back all the shit that is stuck in random places throughout the store. If it’s meant to be cold, don’t stick it on a shelf; go put it back in the cooler or in the produce department so that it doesn’t spoil. Customers complain when they can’t find something; well maybe it’s because you don’t know how to put something back.
  5. Even though the cashiers do work there, honestly, we see hundreds of customers daily; if you get mad and storm out, claiming that you will never shop here again, it honestly will not hurt our feelings at all. One less rude customer that we have to put up with their bullshit. Cashiers care, but only if the customer is willing to care as well.


Protesters from across St Louis turned up and turned out for the first St Louis County Council Meeting since Mike Brown’s Death. (Part II)

The St Louis County Council meeting was a fiery afar, as residents from across the county demanded Darren Wilson’s arrest, answers for Mike Brown’s death, and expressed frustration at their own police force being turned on them like they were enemies of the state. #staywoke #farfromover